The symbol of Argentina on your plate.

Evita's Choice

Argentinian grain fed beef

Eva Perón (1919 – 1952) was affectionately referred to as Evita. She was a prominent Argentine First Lady with tremendous charisma. She came from humble origins and managed to gain the trust of the poor and the working class. She made a significant contribution to Argentine society through her established foundation. Her political influence and popularity grew over the years, making her the most powerful woman in Argentina. The myth-building around her persona has persisted to this day. Evita remains an icon of Argentina, which is why we chose Evita as the name of our brand.

Argentinian Grain Fed Beef

the highest quality beef in the world

Argentinian beef belongs to the highest quality beef in the world. Ask someone to name three words associated with Argentina. We assure you: beef will be one of them. That’s how intertwined meat is with Argentina’s culture. You haven’t had steak until you’ve eaten in one of the many famous ‘parrillas’: traditional meat restaurants. With Evita’s Choice we bring this meat to you.

The immense space and fertile soil makes cattle farming in Argentina easy to explain. The subtropical natural pastures known as pampas create ensures great living conditions for the cow that graze on it, which results in the most tasty and tender meat.

Evita Beef

In response to the growing demand for high quality beef, selective crossbreeds were developed. Most of the meat Evita’s supplies comes from these highly versatile and resistant breeds: Braford and Brangus. These breeds originated from crossing the Brahman breed with the Hereford and Angus breeds, which combines the qualities of these successful breeds that results in an animal that thrives in many climates, has good resistance and produces excellent quality beef.

–  Excellent cross-breeds
–  26 months living on pampas
–  100+ days grain-fed

Evita Premium Angus

Because of the superior living conditions in Argentina and the craftsmanship of the local butchers, who have years of experience in working with Argentine meat, we can offer premium quality Angus meat. The Angus breed is one of the most popular breeds of this moment, well known for its distinctive black colour, and highly marbled and tender meat. Like all our beef, Premium Angus was grain-fed for at least 100 days to ensure the highest quality.

–  100% Angus Beef
–  26 months living on pampas
–  100+ days grain-fed

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